Thursday, March 7, 2013

Clementine box to bed

Sometimes I just hate to throw out things.  The perfectly good boxes that clementines come in are no exception.  I had 2 that I had saved.  The other day my daughter was playing with some barbies and said she needed beds.  Awesome, I can do that!
I will show you how I made it.  No sewing needed.  Just some fabric, batting, and a hot glue gun.

Turn them upside down.

Cover them with a little batting or something to make them softer.

Lay the fabric of your choice over the batting and hot glue it down on the sides of the box.

Next I glued on another scrap fabric and made little pleats.  Simply by folding over a little fabric and gluing it down.
What don't you like to throw out?

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  1. Oh those spoiled animals!! ha/ha Our dog weighs about 80 pounds, so I'd need a much bigger box!! ha/ha Pinned & Tweeted!!

  2. Maybe I shouldn't show this to my daughter, she'd want a custom one for every single doll and stuff toy she owns, I'd have them lined up and down the hallway and she'd most likely make me tuck them all in and kiss them goodnight every night too :).