Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Making a hall tree

I have had this door for a few months knowing I was going to make a hall tree out of it.  What I didn't know is how I wanted to do it.  Did I want a bench or a table or shelves?  So many decisions.  I got tired of looking at it and decided I would just get started and see where that led me.
The table was laid on some saw horses to make working with it easier.  I gathered pieces of wood and trim and got to work.
I attached a shelf at the top using some scrap wood.  The brackets are from an old chair that was too far gone to salvage it as a whole, so I kept some of the pieces.
After getting started and seeing the wood and pieces I had on hand, I decided to go with a bench.  These pieces came from a bench I found.  Some of you may remember them from my storage boxes post.
I attached those using the same holes that were already there.  Drill some pilot holes into the door first so the screws go in easy.
From there we added a nice solid piece of wood for the bench seat.
We stood up the hall tree to  check out how it was coming along.  From here I was deciding if I should paint or stain it.  

I went with staining the shelf and the seat.  I rarely do the natural wood look, but there is a beauty to it.
There are 3 hooks to hang things on, and plenty of room for storage underneath.
Maybe I will add a cushion to the seat and a neat handle on the door, but for now, here it is.

I kept looking at this thinking it was missing something, so I decided it wasn't done yet.  I added some arms to the bench.
I started by drilling holes in the seat and in the arms I was using.  These arms came from a chair that I turned into a tray table here

I had some small spindles from a foot board that I saved (you never know when you will need them!) that fit perfectly with the color of the hall tree and they fit into the holes I drilled.
Using some wood glue I put the spindle in the bench and the arms.  The back of the arms was attached with 2 screws.
I think it looks much better now.  The arms added a little something, don't you think?

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