Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Make your own mug rack

Who doesn't need a little more cupboard space?  With this diy mug rack, you can free up some space and keep your mugs easily accessible.  The original version and my inspiration for this project came from here over at Penny wise cook.  It not only saves room in your cupboard, but also your counter tops unlike the free standing mug racks.
I had this board that I already painted to prep for this post.  It was the perfect size for this project.  The tutorial for the stamp I used can be found here at my make a stamp with felt post.
I chose 2 colors of paint to use for the stamp.  A beige and a light sage green.
I brushed some paint on the petals of the flower since I was all out of rollers.  It would be much faster and easier with a roller. I first randomly stamped the green, as you can see in the photo above.

Then I stamped some of the beige and drilled holes for the hooks.  I used 1 1/2" hooks to be sure the mug handles would fit nicely in.
Easy project.  Painting the board is what took the longest, everything else was quick and easy.
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