Thursday, February 28, 2013

Make a sign from a drawer front

I picked up a dresser that was falling apart....literally.  It had 1 drawer out of 4 that was still in tact.  No worries, because drawer fronts are the best thing to make signs with.
Simply fill in the holes with wood filler after taking off the hardware.

From there I wanted to try this chippy paint technique I saw.  You simply brush paint on or dip a block of wood in the paint and drag it along the object you are painting.'
This is the effect you get.  It looks all chippy without having to do any distressing.  I then stenciled the word "Laundry" with simple stencils.  There you have it.  Simple.
From one of the other drawer fronts I wanted to try the wax paper transfer method. I started by painting it with some white diy chalk paint.
I like that  this one has 3 separate spots...I bet you can't wait to see what I do with it!
I have read that you can print on wax paper then rub the image onto the painted surface using a credit card.
So, I started to do this, but ran into a few problems...the wax paper jammed my printer, it was too thin to feed properly so I glued wax paper to printer paper with a glue stick.  That method worked for me.
Never having done this method before, I started rubbing the wax paper with the credit card.  When I removed it, I had a big glob.  Maybe my printer uses more ink?  Not sure.  I wiped the ink away as best as  I could.
You could still see the image, so I had to kilz over that, otherwise the ink would bleed through my chalk paint.  Argh!  Live and learn, right?
After the primer and paint and another attempt at transferring the images, I finally got what I was going for.  I did not rub with the credit card, I simply pressed the image down for a second and carefully lifted it off.  This worked for me.
These images can be found on this page from the Graphics Fairy

What new thing have you tried lately?

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  1. What a great idea and yours turned out beautifully!

  2. Thank you. I like the detail that drawer fronts offer.

  3. Great idea. I didnt know you could make a transfer with wax paper. Awesome!

  4. Beautiful!! That would be great for those dressers you find that people are giving away with missing drawers, just repurpose!! Pinned & Tweeted!!

  5. Very cute! I know just the spot in our hallway!

  6. Great repurpose!!
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  7. Very cool, I love the repurposing idea and making something so beautiful out of it, great, great, great idea! Who knew old drawers had an additional purpose! I do have one question though, you mention chalk pain, was that so that the image would transfer off of the wax paper?