Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to easily paint spindles- and the rest of the project

Spindles are everywhere!  Chairs, legs, beds, and more.  It is not an easy or fun task when you have to paint a lot of them with a brush.  I am going to share with you a way to make it faster and easier.

In this post I am building another welcome post.  The first one I built can be found here.

I took my drill and drilled a hole in the bottom of the post, added some wood glue to attach the base.
I added a neat little knob to use for hanging a sign.
I drilled a hole in the top big enough for this finial to fit in.

Here it is before I get to the good to paint spindles.

Cover your hand in a plastic bag or glove... I would normally use a larger bag, but of course I ran out.
Cover that with an old sock (yes, don't throw away those odd socks or holey ones)...

Dip in paint and wipe on the spindle.  This is a great way since your hand can fit around the spindle easier and you won't have those brush marks.
In between coats just pull the bag over the sock so it won't dry out.

Here it is all painted and ready to be accessorized with a sign or even a wreath.
If you are going to have one of these outside, be sure to coat it with a good protection finish like this
Have a great day!

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  1. Shut the door!! I am totally doing this from now on! Lord knows I have a ton of mismatched socks too! Thanks for sharing this good tip!

    PS - love the Welcome sign as well!

  2. You are so smart! I just did a post on how I hate spindles and after painting 2 coats, distressing and waxing I found that using an electric car wax buffer can buff the spindles super fast! Now I'll try painting with a sock first too!


  3. SO smart! I need to paint ALL my spindles on my stair railing and I've been dreading it for SO long! Not to mention my dining chairs and other goodies! Thanks!

  4. I've painted more spindles than I can count.... never with a sock, but I can see that it would make it easier. :) great tips, love the spindle and the sign!
    ps catching you

  5. REALLY ...where was this just 5 days ago???? Dang, I really needed this then...cause I was so frustrated trying to get those legs painted on the desk...well, guessing that won't be the only project I will need this for...LOL

  6. I like your blog a lot. Its informative and full of information. Thank you for sharing.

  7. I like your blog a lot. Its informative and full of information. Thank you for sharing.