Monday, February 18, 2013

Free storage

As you probably know by now, I don't mind stopping to pick up an item off the curb.  I like to be able to save something from our overflowing garbage dumps when I can.  I ran across this broken bench while I was picking up 2 chairs.
It looks like someone put their foot through the top and one of the drawers.  I thought maybe I would fix the drawer bottom and recreate the top while adding a cushion for some seating.  As I started to take it apart, I noticed it really wasn't that well made or sturdy.  I took the top off and cut it to fit the broken drawer bottom (it was very thin, so a perfect choice).
The drawers or crates (whatever you want to call them) were very usable so I decided to use them for extra storage.  I attached a miniature chalkboard onto the front with 2 screws.  I found these little boards at Michaels a couple of weeks ago for 2 cents each!  They had a letter on them, but I just wanted chalkboards so it didn't matter what the letter was.

I put all of my kids puzzles in it.  A perfect fit!  I have the other one and am going to use that for all of the wonderful coloring books... I think.

I plan to do more with the rest of the pieces from this bench so be on the lookout!

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  1. visiting from craft o maniac. Loving your blog Sara. This is great