Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Shabby shutter

Shutters are something you can do a lot with.  These small shutters are perfect for a small space decoration, such as a bathroom.

This one started of hinged to another shutter so I separated them. It had some hardware that needed to be removed before the painting could begin.

I decided to try my hand at some white washing.  I had this cream paint and brushed it all over.  This is a quick and easy technique since you don't have to be perfect and covering everything.  With shutters that can be time consuming with all the little nooks and crannies.
I let it sit for about 15 minutes then wiped excess paint away.  After it was dry I did a little bit of distressing.

I had a cute little basket sitting around so I thought it would make a cute accessory.  Yes the screws are not lined up, but that is because the basket is not perfectly aligned.
I marked where the wires criss-crossed and drilled holes.  After the screws were in place, I attached the basket and tightened the screws over the wire.

Cute shabby chic decoration!

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  1. CUTE! I have lots of shutters and I LOVE the idea of doing this to one of them1!! Thanks for the inspiration. Pinning. :)

    1. Thanks for your support Kammy! I really appreciate it.

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