Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Recreating a small bench

I received this table/bench from my local freecycle group.  If you are unfamiliar with freecycle, you have got to check it out.  It is a group of people local to your location who offer items they no longer want for free.  It is nice to keep things out of landfills within your own community.

It is the size of a bench, so I decided to go with that thought.  I painted the base with a homemade chalk paint.

It already looks better, yes? From there I added lots of batting, polyfil, whatever I had on hand to make a nice cushy seat.  I covered it in some drop cloth material I had on hand.

I thought it needed a little something still so I cut the edge off the drop cloth so it had a seam and I wouldn't have to sew.   I love shortcuts !  Then I proceeded to staple a ruffle around the bottom of the seat.

As you can see I just folded it over every 1 1/2" then stables the fold.  You have to be careful to make the staples even so the ruffle lies parallel to the floor.
Here it is all finished.  Ready in my living room to make an extra seat for someone.

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  1. I LOVE our local Freecycle! Its great when we're cleaning things out and even better when someone else is cleaning their stuff out! lol Cute bench!