Thursday, January 31, 2013

Make handle hot pad out of regular hot pads

I enjoy sewing, but not to the extent where I create things from scratch when I can alter something to make it easier...and cheaper.
I bought this pair of hot pads at the dollar store. 2 for $1, not bad.  I have been needing/wanting some hot pad handles for my cast iron skillet as it gets so hot when I am cooking.  I thought I would attempt to alter these, so here I go.
I sewed 2 U shapes onto both hotpads so they would be sewn together.  I left a space in between to cut them apart and an opening at one end.
Next step, cut them apart between the U shapes that were sewn. After this is where I realize this wasn't working too well.  My first idea before starting this whole project was to simply turn them inside out and be done...WRONG.  There was nothing simple about this part.  The hot pads were too thick and after struggling with it for a few, I decided to go a different route.  No photos as I was concentrating (or trying to).
I ripped out part of the seam on one side and then turned it inside out. From there I  hand stitched up the rest of the seam.
So, if I were to do it differently, I wouldn't sew a U shape, but an L shape. From there cut the two apart, flip them out and sew up the side.
Though this project didn't turn out exactly as planned, it still worked with a little detour.  It was still easier and cheaper than buying all the fabrics and sewing it from scratch.

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