Thursday, January 17, 2013

How to make and attach furniture legs

Today I am going to show you a great way to attach legs to your projects.  You can make the legs you want by cutting down a longer pair, find them from bed parts, or banisters, or even spindles.

These pair of legs I am using today came from a longer pair of table legs.  I am going to cut them down and make a shorter pair.
I have such a pretty basement floor, don't I?

Here you can see where I cut them.  The top half will wait for another project.

Drill a hole in the center large enough and long enough to fit the hanger bolts.  They look like the one on the left below:
The top part screws into the wood and the bottom half will fit into the insert nut that you see on the right in the photo above.
The packages look like this.

Here is an insert nut that I am putting in with an allen wrench (it has a little space at the top just for this).
This photo shows the insert nut in the furniture piece I am attaching the legs to.  The package actually tells you what size drill bit to use which is nice.

Here is the leg with the hanger bolt on ready to be put into the insert nut.

Here you can see the legs on and ready to be set upright.  You will have to wait to see what this project is.  I am not finished with it yet!  
I like this method as the legs are flush up against the furniture and not in some metal bracket you can see.  It cost maybe $6-7 for the hanger bolts and the insert nuts. Not bad!

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  1. What did you use to cut the legs so straight?

  2. Where can I locate the top part that inserts into the (dresser / furnature piece)? I have the legs in hand with a threaded end on the bottom but need the piece that afixes into the furnature to drill them into. Thank you in advance!

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  4. I know your post is older, but thank you so much for your thorough posting. I love how you posted pictures of the screw set in their packages. I am working on my dinning room table and struggling with the legs. Thank you for your post, you have solved my problem!!

  5. Perfect post! Seriously, this was exactly what I needed. The pictures of the products in the packing plus your explanations are amazing! Thank you so much