Sunday, January 27, 2013

French chair makeover

This was such an exciting find.  I love chairs!  Not only is this chair a really neat chair, it was in very sturdy condition.
See the detail on the legs?
Here is a close look at the bottom.  What were they thinking?
After taking the seat off and discarding the decaying leather, I found this.  It looks like it was in a fire and they covered it up just like this.
Actually the wood is in very solid condition it is only a surface burn.

I removed the wicker and replaced it with straps.  (all different kinds-  I used what was in my stash) then covered it with fabric lining.
The seat then got covered in foam and batting and I stapled to the frame.
From there it got covered in some drop cloth.
I had a little foot stool that I decided to paint along with this chair and as I was painting it I figured they would make a great pair. So I covered that in drop cloth too.

This picture looks a little dirty, but that is because I had gotten it damp to prepare for a Graphics Fairy graphic to transfer to the covers of both the chair and the foot stool.  She has so many transfers and techniques to do it posted on her blog.  Awesome thing to use for any project.
This one didn't turn out as good as the chair did (you will see that photo at the end of the post). I think it was too wet.  I used the freezer paper transfer method where you print on freezer paper, dampen your surface, then rub with the back of a spoon.

This was the only loose part on the chair, so I used some wood glue.

I used my trusty bungee cord to hold the leg together tight.  I am lacking a clamp that large, but a bungee works great!  What clever ways do you clamp things?

After painting, distressing and waxing this is what they look like.

White just brightens it up don't you think?  I have always wanted to try the transfer on furniture, and this was a great chance to do it.  

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  1. Looks great! Love the transfer image! Even if it isn't dark - it gives it character!

    Jenna @

    1. Thanks, Jenna! I enjoyed doing the time I want to try it on wood.

  2. Your chair turned out beautifully. I live the white and the chic seat cover.