Thursday, January 24, 2013

Door coffee table

It is finally here... today I will reveal a table.  This is the finished product of what I was working on for my how to attach furniture legs post.  Feel free to go back to that post to see how it all came together.  I will just go over some of the basics here.

 I found this half of a solid wood door  curbside.  You don't pass up solid wood right?

I attached some legs to it.  There is a link above to show you all the steps I took to do this.

This is the coffee table before the painting began.
In this case I primed with kilz original then painted with a faint green color.

It was a fairly easy project that only cost me the price of the hardware to attach the legs.  I think the glass would look nice with some etching on it.  Maybe another time.

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  1. what a unique table! great job.
    is it tempered glass?


    1. I never thought about the glass. You have a good point. I did some research on how to tell, and unfortunately it isn't. I learned.