Friday, January 18, 2013

Decorative Door Stop- How to make one

I absolutely love these!  My bedroom door slams shut whenever my daughters and my windows are open.  I needed something that would keep it open and look nice.  These door stops are the perfect solution and addicting to make.  I am stocking up for my next craft show!

Very simple to make with some scraps.  Scraps I have used: 4x4, 1/2" x 6" board cut to size, furniture leg upside down, scrap trim molding, thick part of a bed post, finials, basically anything I can find.  With a little paint and some glaze or wax and you have created a unique and interesting door stop.

Here is a break down of me building one:

This is part of a foot board.  I plant to cut off the top almost 1/2 of it.

I cut a small square from some wood I have lying around, and as you can see here is the chunk from the foot board.
With a big gaping hole!

I glued it together using gorilla glue, wood glue works too.  You can put in a screw from the bottom if you wish.

Here it is after I have glued the base and a finial on top.
Now for filling in the huge space, I used caulk.  I didn't have painters caulk, which is what I would recommend so after it was dry I went over it with some wood filler.

Painted it in a cream DIY chalk paint.

This is it completed by a little distressing and glazing with some black paint mixed with an antiquing medium.

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  1. You don't have to put weights in them?

    1. Great question, Stephanie. I have found that the weight of the wood is heavy enough. I used the one in the first individual photo all last summer and it did a wonderful job holding the door open with the gusts of wind.

  2. Cute idea! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  3. I love making stuff like this...have never thought about making door stops! super job!!


    1. Thanks, Gail! Give it a try, you will love them.

  4. I was just looking for a door stop to buy when I stumbled across your site. I love these and now plan to make my own instead of buying one!! Thank you, Marilyn