Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Custom Welcome sign

I received one of my first custom orders for a simple Welcome sign for a business door.  Nothing flashy but something... welcoming.
I had a board that I cut down to the size I wanted.  Then I painted it black.
I printed off the way I wanted the "Welcome" to look.  I just used Microsoft word and word art to create this.
Next you color the back of the word with pencil.  This way when it is traced onto your board the pencil will show up with nice crisp lines.  I used to just trace the word and press hard into the board, but this way works MUCH better.
Next place the item to be traced on your board (as shown in the first photo).

Now go ahead and trace your image.
This is the sign after I traced the pencil.  How awesome is it that it shows up on black paint?
Start filling in the lines with a fine paint brush.  This is the most time consuming task.
I completed my "Welcome" and next I am finding a way to hang it.
I have a few of these tiny eye hooks and I thought they would work wonderful to hang the sign with.
Just drill a very small hole and twist it into the board.
I used a small black rope I had on hand to put through the eyes.
I sewed the end to the main rope here.
Here it is, all finished.  Simple, yet nice.


  1. I like this ,simple yet very stylish.good job* ***

    1. I appreciate your feedback! Thanks for stopping by.