Friday, January 11, 2013

Chalk paint end table

Making your own chalk paint seems the popular thing to do right now.  I have tried this a few times in the past.  The first time, the paint was gritty and didn't seem to stick- I could scratch it off with my nail.  I got a little discouraged from trying it again, but after reading many more posts about it, I got up the courage to try again.

I picked this table up curbside.  A few minor scratches,  but still in very good condition.  Since it is winter here in Michigan, I do all my projects in the basement.  Not a place I will prime and paint items.  Primer is too stinky and not good for my family to breathe in.

I have a large container of the plaster of paris still so diy chalk paint it is!

A few things I have found about chalk paint.
  1. It is very important to make sure the plaster and water are mixed well.  This will avoid clumps and grit.
  2. The recipe of 1Tbsp of plaster to 3Tbsp of paint works, you need to add the plaster and water first and mix well as I already mentioned.
  3. Let each coat of paint dry thoroughly before painting on another coat.
  4. The longer you wait after the painting is done, the better the adhesion...anyone else notice this?  Maybe I was too eager to see if it worked the first time.
  5. 3 coats works best for me.  The first item I tried it on, I did just one coat then tested its scratch resistance. 
Here is the finished product in an aqua blue, perfect for a beach room.

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