Thursday, January 3, 2013

A ziplet?

As seen on pinterest, people are making bracelets out of zippers.  I wanted to give this a try.  I think it should be called a ziplet. :)

You start with
  1. zipper
  2. beads
  3. thread and a needle small enough to fit through the beads
  4. some type of clasp

In this picture I have some colorful glass beads, but as I got started I thought they were too big.  I switched to a pearl bead instead.
Here it is with 2 sewn between the zipper.

I just criss crossed the zipper fabric and sewed the hook and link on.  I know there are fancier things out there to finish the bracelet nicely, but this is what I had on hand.
Next, you trim all the excess fabric off as close to the zipper as you can.
After the clasp was on, I turned it over and this is how my bracelet looks.  Go on and make your own!  It did not take very long.

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