Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What to do with those cases sheets come in?

My mom gave me a few of those little bags that your sheets and pillow cases come in.  She knew I would find something to do with them!  I hate to throw things away, and who is ever going to fit their sheets back in that bag for storage?  Not me!

 I decided to make them into some ruffle back pack bags.
All I did was add some ruffle fabric...if you use a cotton knit you don't have to finish the edges.  Yeah!  I got mine from old shirts that either had stains or little holes.  Recycling at its best!

I like to make my ruffles by scrunching up the fabric as it goes under the sewing machine foot.  This eliminates a few steps, I am all about that!

All I did next was add some straps from an old tie around belt, or ribbon for the small one, I had in my stash.  Sooo cute.

The small pillow case bags are great to make a matching backpack for a baby doll or American girl doll. 

Finish them off by adding a flower or other accessory.  Great Christmas gift!

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