Friday, December 28, 2012

Hope chest to storage bench

I received a hope chest that had some damage to the bottom of it.  So sad!

With the help of my dear hubby, we cut off the damaged bottom, then this poor thing sat in the basement waiting for the inspiration.

(Thought I had a photo of it before, but I don't)

My sister had been talking about wanting a storage bench in her entry way so the boys would not throw everything on the floor...LIGHTBULB Moment!
I will turn this into a storage bench!  Perfect.

First I had to find some legs to pretty this up.  We attached them to the bottom of the bench.

Then I proceeded with the priming and painting.  She loves green and her house is pretty much beige so I chose her favorite color.

It seemed a little bright so I decided to do some glazing.  Something I have only done a few times before and on little projects.  It was time to step out of the comfort zone.

I used an antiquing medium and some brown acrylic paint.

From there I added lots of padding and some fabric for the top.  This top would not allow a staple into it (it was not wood) so I did the next best thing- Hot glue.
When all else fails right?
This is how it turned out.  I cannot wait to see it in her house.  I think it will make a great addition.



  1. What a great idea! It turned out great. Good things happen when we step outside our comfort zones. I'll bet you sister loved it.

    1. Thanks for the support Ann! My sister was very excited.

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