Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to make a beaded flower hair tie

I have been making these for years.  You will need the following supplies:

1. beads of your choice
2. pony tail holder
3. wire- I like the heavier wire as it holds the shape better
4. round disk (see photo below)
5. hot glue
6. felt

These disks I use to make flowers are probably something you can go without, but I like to use them as a sturdy base.  I found them at Michaels years ago.  They were a clip on earring in the jewelry department.  I clipped off all the clip on parts.
I placed my finger next to it so you can see the size.  Then I cut a piece of wire about 3 feet long (it depends on how many rows of petals and how many beads you use).  I roll the end so it won't come out of the disk.

Then put the wire through one of the outside holes and start beading.

When you have all the beads you want on the petal, simply feed the end of the wire through the adjacent hole.  I like to make sure the wire goes through the hole and through the rolled wire to help stabilize it and make it more secure.

And then up through the next hole and repeat the process all the way around.  Be careful that you pull the wire tight each time.  Sometimes it can crimp and leave a loose petal.
When you have gone all the way around, you end up with something like this.

I then choose a gem for the center, get my hot glue ready along with my felt and pony tail holder (or whatever you choose to attach these to)

Glue on the gem in the center, then flip over the flower and put a good amount of hot glue on the back.

Place the pony tail holder in the center of the disk on the glue. (The green and red flower was made by my soon to be 4 year old daughter :))

Press the felt circle onto the ponytail holder and the glue.  Your finished product will look something like this:

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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